Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Spoilers Freeza’s Assassination

Freeza has been recruited! This can’t possibly bring anything good to the table however; he does compliment universe 7’s team with a strong fighter.

According to spoilers written by the Anime Blog, there will be someone waiting to assassinate the newest member of universe 7’s team in episode 94 of Dragon Ball Super.

This attempt will occur during universe 7’s final preparations for the Tournament of Power although, who will it be?

According to these sources it will be Universe 9’s god of destruction Sidra, who decides to take out this controversial team member.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Spoilers Freeza's Assassination
Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Spoilers Freeza’s Assassination

Will the rest of earth’s warriors defend Freeza? It’s tough to say for sure, especially as they all protested against his recruitment.

Obviously Goku will help him but does he need it? We do know how strong Freeza is so surely he can take care of himself. Plus I doubt Beerus will allow Sidra to do whatever he wants in his universe, especially with the tournament only hours away.

But why is Sidra attacking Freeza? According to the Anime Blog, it’s because Sidra holds a grudge against the former space pirate.

But that means Universe 9’s god of destruction knows Freeza, which is unusual but it’s possible. Maybe Sidra is originally from universe 7 and recruited from universe 7 to be universe 9’s god of destruction, which might be how they know each other.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Spoilers Freeza's Assassination
Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Spoilers Freeza’s Assassination

Remember Champa and Beerus are brothers, yet they are gods of two different universes. I honestly doubt that they were born in different universes and there isn’t anything saying that you must be born in a specific universe, to be that universes god of destruction.

This could explain how Sidra knows Freeza however; there are other reasons why Sidra may want to dispose of him. One reason is that Universe 7 whipped the floor of Universe 9 in the exhibition matches, also they hate evil and Freeza isn’t really the nicest guy.

Also from the preview for episode 94, it looks as if Freeza is attacking someone, could it be the fighters from Universe 9?

At the moment things are starting to get quite interesting indeed, as Freeza joins forces with his enemies to fight for their universes existence.

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