Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Preview

With Freeza finally recruited by Goku to join the team as Buu disappoints us once again, fans a re wondering how Universe 7 will cope having the tyrant return to the world of the living.

Furthermore Goku had promised to permanently resurrect Freeza after they have won the Tournament of Power, which will only cause more problems.

At the moment it looks as if Goku is the only member of the team who is okay with all of this, which could act as a problem when it comes to teamwork.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Preview
Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Preview

Honestly I thought it would be a lot harder to convince the tyrant to join both Goku and Vegeta in battle however, it was quite quickly and simply done.

Although, from the preview below it looks as if Freeza has already begun rebelling, with Freeza testing his powers on someone unknown as a warm up.

So make sure to watch the preview for episode 94 of Dragon Ball Super below as everything starts to heat up for our hero’s.

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