Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Review

Easily one of the most highly anticipated episodes of all time, as it was the episode where we got to see our first canon Legendary Super Saiyan, first female Super Saiyan 2 and of course Freeza joining forces with Goku.

Yep, this episode had all fans glued to their screens however; did it live up to all the hype?  As for weeks this episode was craved by Dragon Ball fans.

First of all we got to see our first official glimpses of the Legendary Super Saiyan from universe 6, who is a very different character to the mentally unstable Broly.

This girl from Universe 6 is going to be a handful come the Tournament of Power, as will her friend in Caulifla.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Review
Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Review

The only issue here is that many fans are somewhat disappointed with how quickly these two new Saiyan’s were able to master their powers. Caulifla can already tap into Super Saiyan 2 power with 5 minutes of training and Kale can even challenge that.

We have seen both Trunks and Goten in the past achieve the Super Saiyan transformation easily, but we have to remember that they were born at a time where their fathers had already long surpassed that.

These characters have never been exposed to this transformation and yet they are capable of transforming with minimal effort. It took both Goku and Vegeta years of training to achieve what they have done in a matter of seconds and many fans aren’t too happy with that.

Now moving onto what all of us were waiting for and that’s Freeza joining the Z-Warriors, yes that’s right, Freeza has joined forces with Goku and Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Review
Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Review

Honestly, I thought it would have been hard to convince Freeza to join forces with Goku however, an agreement was found immediately.

The only question here is will Goku keep his word and resurrect Freeza at the end of the tournament permanently, which were Freeza’s terms? I honestly doubt it, unless Freeza becomes good but that I feel will disappoint many fans, as we have seen that way too many times through Vegeta, Tien, Yamcha, Buu and Piccolo.

But that’s enough from me, make sure to take a look at what Masako X (Voice actor of Goku from Dragon Ball Abridged) though of episode 93 here below.

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