Boruto Episode 13 Preview: The Demon Beast Appears

It looks like things are starting to get pretty good! With the Demon Beast once again making an appearance.

Episode 12 of Boruto was pretty much a nothing sort of episodes, as we didn’t get much new information however; we do now know that Mitsuki knows the identity of this “Ghost”.

Unfortunately at the same time, the Ghost’s identity hasn’t been revealed but despite that, next week is looking to be pretty exciting.

Episode 13 of Boruto will also feature the 6th Hokage Hatake Kakashi, for the first time in the Boruto franchise, which is a relief to all Kakashi fans.

Sixth Hokage Hatake Kakashi
Sixth Hokage Hatake Kakashi

This episode is going to be good, as we will likely see Kakashi, Sai and Naruto in action for the first time in a long time, as the fight this beats, which looks to have a large number of tails.

Are the tails a hint to what this creature is? Is it a hybrid attempt of a tailed beat recreation? We may find out those answer next week, but until then you can watch the preview below, for Episode 13 of Boruto.

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