Boruto Episode 12 Preview

We actually learnt a lot in episode 11, as Naruto finally gave his son permission to peruse this ghost. We also got to see that there is a man controlling this strange chakra that is consuming innocent people round Konoha, as well as that the chakra and Hashirama’s cells are being used to revive a monster.

This creature looks to be locked away using Hashirama’s cells in the first place and obviously requires his cells and a great deal of chakra to release it.

Boruto Episode 12 Preview
Boruto Episode 12 Preview

In the next episode of Boruto we must assume that we will learn more, despite the children who are not even geins yet, being completely outmatched by this former Anbu jounin level ninja.

We also will get to see why Mitsuki is so interested with Boruto, as we get to know a little bit more about the son of Orochimaru. But until then make sure to take a look at the preview for episode 12 of Boruto here below:

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