Attack On Titan Season 3: Set For 2018

With the final episode of season 2 over this week, fans were once again hoping that we won’t have to wait as long for the next season this time, as we did for season two.

Episode 36 of Attack on Titan finished with some deaths, as well as Eren unlocking what seems to be a new power, which is him being able to control the other titans; including Bertholdt and Reiner’s titan forms.

Reiner and Eren fighting
Reiner and Eren fighting

With episode 12 done and dusted, fans were hoping that we would be given another few episodes of season two in the months to come however, that will not be the case.

Season two took almost four years of delays to hit our screens and when it finally arrived, we only had a mere 12 episodes, with the main characters not really being relevant until half-way through that.

Now we have been told that the short season two has actually ended although, we will be getting more episodes soon.

Attack on Titan Season 3
Attack on Titan Season 3

According to Crunchyroll and Anime Lab, season three of Attack on Titan will hit our screens in 2018. Hopefully fans won’t be disappointed with endless delays and have to wait until 2021 for the next season two be animated however; until then, 2018 is the set date for season three.

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