Anime We Are Looking Forward To In The Second Half Of 2017

Alright we are slowly entering the second half of the year and with the first half giving us so much such as Boruto and Attack on Titan season 2, what will anime fans be looking forward to next?

Here is a list of some of the most anticipated anime or season coming out in the second half of 2017, which all anime fans must watch.

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu

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Katsuheki/Touken Ranbu  is about 2 samurai at the end of the end of the samurai era, an anime many otaku’s are eagerly waiting for.


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From one glance this you will be able to figure out what this is all about, as it focusses around a diving club and how they are on the verge of bankruptcy. However, to dave their club; they have to make it to the next Olympics in Japan.

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni

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Yet another harem anime but this time its like Konasuba, except he has a smart phone and so everybody thinks his top-dog, – this should be good.

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan

With this even the church has a anime now, with a group of priests who investigate miracles and why they are appearing.  Vatican Kiseki Chousakan is one of the most anticipated series in the anime world and I believe i’s going to be great.

Ballroom e Youkoso

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One day a professional dancer named Sengoku rescues a boy who is being harassed by delinquents. He later takes the boy to a dance studio and shows him the world of ballroom dancing, so it’s kind of like Yuri On Ice.

Well, thats just some of my picks for what looks good out of all the anime coming up for the rest of 2017 however, there is obviously many more that look just as good as well except, these should be on your priority list.

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