Why You Must Watch Marvel’s Daredevil

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A small review on the Netflix Original series Daredevil where I talk about the concept, the drama, the characters and much more!

Marvel’s Daredevil Marvel’s Daredevil

Hello, fellow nerds! I hope you’re having a great week!

As you might know, I recently started binging on the shows building the characters for the upcoming Netflix original, The Defenders. And after my little adventure with Jessica Jones, I decided to delve deeper into Hell’s Kitchen, NYC with Daredevil.

Marvel's Daredevil

Marvel’s Daredevil

Daredevil, another Netflix original series, created by Drew Goddard first aired on Netflix in April, 2015. Following its success, a second season aired almost a year later, in March, 2016. The show is currently only two seasons long, each one filled with wonderfully directed 13 roughly-an-hour long episodes. While I would love to see more of just the Daredevil, the next appearance of him will be in the show The Defenders, set to air in August, 2017.

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