Is Freeza Really As Strong As Goku?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 Thoughts

Freeza vs Goku,- this is easily one of the most iconic battles in anime history; with 5 minutes literally going for 22 episodes in their first encounter, which saw Goku as the victorious fighter however; a lot has changed since then.

In Dragon Ball Super Freeza was revived and allowed to train for a few months, before finally attacking Earth as his revenge. Through Freeza’s training he was able to unlock a news transformation, which he likes to call “Golden Freeza”.

This new form increased his powers to a level that may even rival the gods, with Goku and Vegeta struggling against the former space pirate.

However due to Freeza rushing his training, our heroes were able to defeat him, as Freeza’s new transformation drained a lot of energy.

As a result Freeza was sent back to the underworld although, he probably could have killed the Saiyan duo, had he not toyed with them early on.

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