15 Anime That I Recommend

I am a lazy otaku, I rarely finish an anime series. I always like to start new anime on every season -and never finish them.

But here are 15 anime series that I have finished and I hope you will too.

15.Sangatsu no Lion (the main character suffers from depression and changes with the help of three sisters and shogi)

14.Aiura (short funny episodes)

13.Another (horror, some deaths are scary, some deaths are funny)

12.Charlotte (it will make you cry for sure)

11.Free! (it talks about bromance, it’s not gay, I swear)

10.Fresh Precure! (magical girls)

9.Gakkou gurashi! (cute anime with cute girls, right? NO.)

8.Isshuukan Friends. (a girl forgets everything that happens every Monday. A boy tries to help her by telling her to keep a diary.)

7.Kimi no na Wa (best anime movie of 2016)

6.Koe no Katachi (a deaf girl is bullied by a guy that later falls in love with her)

5.Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru


4.Non Non Biyori




2.Yes! Precure 5


1.Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica



Those are some of my favorites.

I dedicate this article to one of my best friends, Ngozi. Hope you like these anime (and you’d better watch them all!)

If anyone has recommandations for me, post them in the comments below. What anime would you recommend to me?

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6 thoughts on “15 Anime That I Recommend”

      1. You know that the 4koma is still ongoing. I really wish they’d wait a while longer and make 30 min episodes instead of 4 minutes xD

  1. A lot of great recommendations! Madoka is one of my favorites, too – so intense and meaningful and well-crafted. I also enjoyed Your Name, March Comes in Like a Lion, Isshukan Friends, Free, and Charlotte from your list. I didn’t like the Orange anime, but I lovedddd the manga.

    1. Wow that makes me glad! We have a lot of anime in common apparently. And yeah, Orange’s manga is way better than the anime, so I agree with you.

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