Outlast 2 Update Difficulties

The recently released Outlast 2 has been a love-hate situation with fans with its difficulty but thankfully there is to be an update to fix the problem that people have with how hard the game is.

Most fans find the game to be just a bit too difficult to play around with and while they and the people that love how hard it is, praise that it’s good to have something that is challenging, it can be tedious. With all the talk about this subject the developers at Red Barrels have decided for an update that will fix these issues.

Outlast 2 Update Difficulties
Outlast 2 Update Difficulties

The update did come for PC first and the main focus of the changes was the “global rebalancing of the game difficulty”. That statement didn’t really provide any details on what was tweaked but at least it’s giving us something. It was just stated as that there will be “some minor adjustments to the game’s difficulty in key areas and moments. On Normal difficulty this will offer players a more appropriately balanced experience.”

This is definitely a welcome as well as there will be some fixes to other parts of the game such as bugs, settings like subtitles and in-game effects like the camera’s microphone. The update is live now for PC and will come soon for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Update included:

  • Global rebalancing of the game’s difficulty
  • Microphone no longers uses extra batteries
  • Increase of the size of subtitles
  • Fixed issue of lost game saves on steam
  • Fixed minor gameplay issues
  • Stopped multiple rare crashes

For the full list of updated settings, check the update on your console/PC.

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