Our Trip To Supanova Melbourne

Supanova never disappoints, being one of the greatest pop-culture expo’s to hit Melbourne in 2017, Nerds4LifeBlog had to send a crew to check out the event.

Our Trip To Supanova Melbourne
Our Trip To Supanova Melbourne

Whether you like anime, gaming, Marvel, DC or Star Wars Supanova has you covered, with superstars such as Vic Mignoga (Voice actor of Edward Elric & Broly), Masako Nozawa (Voice actress of Goku), Nolan North (Voice actor for Nathan Drake & Desmond Miles), John Jarratt (Leading actor of Wolf Creek), Natalie Dormer (The Hunger Games & Game of Thrones), David Boreanaz (Bones & Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and plenty more all available for photos and autographs.

Two of Nerds4LifeBlog’s writers in Peter Tseros and Angus Peters, made their way to the event and were lucky enough to meet some of these stars, as well as some amazing cos-palyers. All the cos-players are always fantastic to see, with some spending months on their outfits.

Our Trip To Supanova Melbourne
Our Trip To Supanova Melbourne

There was also a range of gaming hubs, where gamers can show their skills in in PC games, consoles gaming and even card games such as Magic.

So make sure to take a look at Peter and Angus’s adventure of Supernova Melbourne, as they go to meet the stars, cos-players and checked out all the cool items that you could buy.

More Supanova:

Make sure to take a look at the full interview with Nolan North here below:


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