‘One Piece’ Chapter 866 Manga: Will Capone Bege Kill Charlotte Linlin?

“One Piece” Chapter 866 of the manga series will not be released this week as expected. With the team on a one-week break, fans will have to endure a longer waiting period before the next installment arrives.

But the longer wait for the arrival of “One Piece” Chapter 866 has not diminished interest among fans of the hit series by Eiichiro Oda. On the contrary, all this free time only spawned numerous predictions and speculations on what the next chapter could bring.

For instance, most predict that the upcoming “One Piece: Chapter 866 will focus on Big Mom’s past. According to the InquisitorInquisitor, the next installment will most likely be a backstory on the Yonko and her connection with the Mother Caramel picture, her only known weakness.

There are speculations that Mother Caramel is actually Big Mom’s mother. Apparently, Caramel left Charlotte Linlin when she was still young. It must have been a very a painful time for the Yonko and the picture is most likely her only connection to her mother.

Another interesting topic that may be covered in the upcoming “One Piece” Chapter 866 is Big Mom’s lineage. In the previous chapter, it was revealed that Mother Caramel journeyed to Elbaf leaving Linlin behind. Since Elbaf is the land of the giants, does it mean that the Yonko is also at least half giant?

'One Piece' Chapter 866 Manga: Will Capone Bege Kill Charlotte Linlin?
‘One Piece’ Chapter 866 Manga: Will Capone Bege Kill Charlotte Linlin?

As interesting as Big Mom’s past could be, the most pressing question that fans want to be answered is the Yonko’s fate. In the previous chapter, Capone Bege’s plan is back on track. Big Mom finally screamed after seeing the broken pieces of Mother Caramel’s picture. And with the scream, the Yonko is revealed to be now vulnerable.

In fact, Bege’s men are poised to deliver the death blow to Big Mom. They have already prepared the weapon that could definitely eliminate the Yonko for good, a potent poison concocted by Caesar Clown. of course, everyone is wondering if “One Piece” Chapter 866 will finally see the end of Big Mom.The question on everyone’s mind is

While it remains to be seen if Eiichiro Oda plans to dispose of the Yonko for good, most speculate that it may not happen in the coming “One Piece” Chapter 866. In a Reddit discussion, there are predictions that Big Mom’s backstory will entertain fans for at least two more chapters. Thus, Big Mom’s life will be spared, at least temporarily.

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