‘One Piece’ Chapter 865: How The Vinsmokes May Survive The Assassination Plot

As the “One Piece” Chapter 865 release date approaches, fans are understandably busy making predictions about what the upcoming installment could bring, especially with the cliffhanger introduced in the previous chapter. Some of these exciting speculations include the possibility of the Vinsmokes escaping the wedding with their lives as well as whether or not Big Mom will finally have her signature meltdown and belt out that scream.

The previous chapter of the “One Piece” manga series did not end well for Sanji’s family. Glued to their seats by some sticky candy, it seems to be the end of the road for the powerful underworld clan with no armors or weapons, their clone army outside the castle and Big Mom’s Vinsmoke assassination team pointing their guns at the Vinsmokes’ heads ready to fire when the prearranged signal happens – Sanji’s death.

'One Piece' Chapter 865: How The Vinsmokes May Survive The Assassination Plot
‘One Piece’ Chapter 865: How The Vinsmokes May Survive The Assassination Plot

But fans are still hopeful that Sanji’s family could somehow survive the ordeal. For example, discussions in the “One Piece” Chapter 865 forum generally agree that the upcoming chapter will most likely feature the Vinsmokes escaping the trap or even fighting back.

But it all depends on one thing – Big Mom has to scream. Unfortunately, the Yonko is not yet mad with rage despite seeing the Mother Caramel broken into pieces. But, as explained by the Inquisitor, the Yonko is just a bit confused at the moment and is still undecided which is the more frustrating event – seeing the Mother Caramel photo smashed into pieced or seeing the delicious cake destroyed by Luffy lookalikes.

To speed up the Yonko’s decision, Bege hatched an emergency plan which Luffy needs to do in “One Piece” Chapter 865.  The Straw Hat captain will gather the broken pieces of the picture and show them to Big Mom, which will hopefully induce her hysterical screams and make her vulnerable.’s nose and make her decision

But with Dogtooth around, will he be able to predict Luffy’s plan? That is a possibility but with Bege around, it appears that Dogtooth will have to deal with him first. One Piece Chapter 865 will arrive in a few days. Stay tuned.

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