Oh Bethesda You’re such a Tease

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
With the journalists E3 speculating
And everyone telling you be of max hype
It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s that time of year again, E3 is still a month away but the speculating may commence with Bethesda. Posting to their Facebook page Bethesda shows off Bethesdaland, shockingly not bug (I mean feature) riddled. We can see Fallout, Dishonoured, Prey, The Elder Scrolls, DOOM, and Quake Champions are all featured here. Now Quake Champions was confirmed a good long while ago by Bethesda so its appearance is no surprise to anyone. Of course, Prey is their new poster boy right now so again no surprise there, but what of the rest?

This is Bethesda’s showcase as in ‘come look at all the things you’ll be able to buy come October-December.’  so why then are already released and arguably finished titles there? Well, let’s take this on a game by game basis.

Disclaimer: past this point everything is pure speculation due to Bethesda being just a little tight lipped.

Fallout: Featured right at the gates of Bethesdaland the post-apocalyptic RPG has just had it’s turn in the infinite Bethesda cycle so it’s very unlikely we’ll be seeing Fallout 5 anytime soon. Likewise the DLC has been wrapped up as far as Bethesda is concerned, with VP Pete Hines stating “Nuka World was the final one” back in October. Perhaps we’ll be seeing Fallout Shelter 2 and we’ll all be able to download it on the day, that certainly worked well for Bethesda last time.


One last journey ey boy?


Dishonoured: currently, there’s no paid DLC for Dishonoured, nor is there a season pass as we’re so used to seeing accompanying the release. Bethesda has released some free updates for New Game + mode and difficulty tweaking but nothing actual concrete. Could we be seeing Dishonoured 2 DLC at E3? Well… it seems likely, Dishonoured 2 has been out for awhile now, enough time for any expansions to the base game to be reasonably polished and ready to be shown off at E3.

Prey: It’s Prey. The trailers have been all over my facebook and youtube since the release. Nothing new or exciting here really, Bethesda have shown us all their willing to show until the big day.


We may not know much, but we know it looks pretty


The Elder Scrolls: Perhaps Skyrim Online, I mean The Elder Scrolls Online, is getting yet more DLC. There’s something suspiciously resembling Morrowind’s Red Mountain in the background so perhaps the expansion Bethesda has already released isn’t all they have up their sleeve? This is, unfortunately, unlikely but perhaps we’ll see a Morrowind remaster, maybe Skywind (read more here) will be turned into a fully sanctioned Bethesda project and actually finished within my lifetime.

DOOM: Following a successful release, this remake of the classic has apparently wrapped on DLC with the third being stated as the “final”. So again, why is it here? Entirely personal speculation here but perhaps Bethesda has been working on a little extra for this gorgeously gory title. Let’s face it, we all want to wade knee deep in blood right back to the gates of Hell itself and kick the door in… wait no? Just me? Oh… okay.

Quake Champions: like Prey it’s already confirmed, much to the excitement of many, doubt there’ll be anything ground breaking coming from this presentation that we don’t already expect.


Pew pew pew

Now the fun part. Now the part you’re actually reading this article for. Ladies and gentleman the Under Construction Projects.


We all know how much developers love to tease us and Bethesda is doing better than most with not one but two titles in development that are being kept under wraps. First off we have the bottom, right, shiny, metalic, glassy, very modern with a sign “pardon our dust”. Oddly enough that makes me think of Rooster Teeth’s animated series RWBY so perhaps the next Grimm Eclipse title is being made by Bethesda. Other than that one can infer it’s a futuristic title though whether this is a brand new IP or something we’ve seen before no-one can really tell.

Secondly, we have the top left, here everything seems much more present day. With wooden fencing and a crane, we can’t really tell anything at all aside from a possible present day setting. Bethesda has done their absolute best to say as little as they can while still confirming new titles are in development. It’s infuriating just how little can be gleamed from what’s here.

For all future E3 News be sure to keep an eye on the blog or our social media pages. I’ll be posting it when and where I hear it as quickly as possible so you can get all your facts and speculation from a trusted source.

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