Injustice 2 Static Shock Cut From Roster But Was Ready To Join Game?

Injustice 2 has just recently released and we’re getting some new coverage from the developers and artists who worked on the game about what characters made it into the new instalment and who didn’t.

The new game has been rated and reviewed quite well since its publication and people are also excited about the DLC that has new unlockable characters but there feels like a few things missing that fans would have loved to have seen with new characters.static-injustice-2-unused

What fans have felt missing was someone who many loved and wanted to be in the main game since he has been only playable on the Injustice mobile game. Character designer Marco Nelor shared a piece of concept of the cool hero, Static Shock, on Instagram. Nelor wrote that he was disappointed that the character he worked on that was basically ready to go, didn’t make it into the final release of Injustice 2.

Even though it was shown that Static would actually be joining the roster, it’s sad that Nelor and many fans wanted him in the final game. What’s worse is that it doesn’t look like he will be future DLC from response from 2NetherRealm Studios as they seem to be fine with Static being only playable on the mobile app game.

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