Exclusive Interview With Nolan North

Voice actor Nolan North was one of the many celebrity appearances during this year’s Melbourne pop-culture expo Supanova, with us being lucky enough to score an interview with the man.

Just as a recap these are some of the American voice actor’s most notable work, these include Uncharted (Nathan Drake), Assassin Creed (Desmond Miles), Batman: Arkham (the Penguin), one of the possible voices for Saints Row 4 and several characters for Marvel/DC media universes.

Yes North is a legend in his field and in the interview we were able to get an insight to the mans career, asking him which of all the characters that he has voiced he feels the most attachment too, as well as some news about his upcoming work.

Exclusive Interview With Nolan North
Exclusive Interview With Nolan North

We couldn’t resist asking the voice actor if he will be involved in anymore Assassin Creed projects, with him stating that he would love to be apart of more A.C. games in the future.

Assassins Creed fans would know quite well, that there has been little news coming out of Ubisoft about any future Assassins Creed games, since the team went on hiatus after Syndicate was released in October 2015.

This statement from the voice of Desmond Miles should act as a small relief for Assassins Creed fans, even though Desmond has long been dead, as the deceased characters voice had appeared in many games since his death in Assassins Creed 3.

Furthermore North spoke about his recent work on Guardians of the Galaxy: The Tell-tale Series, as Rocket Raccoon. So make sure to watch the exclusive interview with us and Nolan North from Supanova Melbourne 2017 below.

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