Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 Preview

In the previous episode we finally got to see Goku and Gohan going head to head however; there was still no new transformation for Gohan.

Also another thing it Tien was shown to be incredibly weak, if not the weakest member of Universe 7’s team, so hopefully that will change.

In next weeks episode we will be taking a closer look at universe 6’s team, taking a look at Hit for the first time in a while, as well as Frost.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 Preview
Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 Preview

But that’s not all, Gohan is now the leader of universe 7’s team and it looks as if they are coming up with a strategy that only Gohan can conjure up .

Also is looks as if Freeza’s return is still keeping closer as there is apparently something wrong with Buu, even though he has trained and become ridiculously stronger.

Next weeks episode it going to be good as the Tournament of Power is about to start, So make sure to take a look at the preview for episode 91 of Dragon Ball Super until then below.

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