Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Review & Live Reaction

In episode 89 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku had only two people reming on his recruitment list, step in Master Roshi and Tien.

It turns out that Tien has started his own Crane dojo, with Master Roshi appearing as a guest martial arts legend for his students, which is ironic as Master Roshi hates the Crane School.

In this episode a girl from Tien’s past appears and starts to reap havoc in his dojo and in the nearby town, using magic to control Master Roshi and Tien’s students.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Review & Live Reaction
Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Review & Live Reaction

The students were easy to take down however; it turns our old Roshi has been doing some training and has increased his strength quite a bit.

Sadly the episode doesn’t give Tien much credit as beaten by Roshi quite easily, which is surprising as Tien should be much stronger.

We also got two see two techniques from both Roshi and Tien that we haven’t seen since the Dragon Ball tournaments. These were Roshi’s Thunder Shock Surprise and Tien’s Four Witches Technique, which served as a reminder so that we aren’t as surprised when we see them in the upcoming tournament.

I do like how we have seen a decent amount of Roshi in Dragon Ball Super so far, as we never got to see him fight or use his max power form in Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Review & Live Reaction
Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Review & Live Reaction

Although, I was quite disappointed to see Tien do so little, hopefully we get to see more from our three eyed friend in the Tournament of Power.

We also got to see a sneak peek for the universe six’s team, with two female Saiyans expected to take part in the upcoming tournament, one of them being the Legendary Super Saiyan, who was seen briefly.

But that’s enough of what I though of this episode, so make sure to take a look at the review/live reaction from Ajax TheMr here below for episode 89 of Dragon Ball Super.

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