Will Naruto And Sasuke Die In Boruto?

With the story of Naruto coming to a close and his sons beginning the other night, what will happen to the hero’s of the past?

When Naruto first began we watched ninjas of tomorrow take on massive responsibilities, such as brining back Sasuke after he left the village.

A group of gein with one chunin, were sent to bring back the last Uchiha instead of the large amount of stronger jounin shinobi, Konoha had at their disposal.

I assume that Boruto will start off in a similar fashion, with the ninjas of tomorrow doing a lot of the work in the series, despite their superior parents still being around.

Will Naruto And Sasuke Die In Boruto?
Will Naruto And Sasuke Die In Boruto?

But I don’t think that they will remain superior for too long, remember as Naruto progressed, the legends of the past began to be surpassed or killed off, making the way for the next generation.

The reason this will have to happen again is because the story can’t be about Boruto, if his father keeps stepping in.

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