Titanfall 2 Updates

Titanfall 2 has a free update coming around with patches for hardware it’s released on console and PC. This update adds quite a few things that are free for everyone but it does include new things that are available only through purchases. There’s also some patches and balance changes.

The things that are handed to players in the update include a new map in a form of a Colony, a brand new weapon called the R-101 and finally the Curb Check execution. For the items that you could pay for if you wish to buy them are two Prime Titans, banners and twenty each of new camos.


Other than the updates, let’s get onto changes and some fixes to the games. Colony Reborn updates has quite a few changes to the system in its balancing as well as fixing a few bugs.

Weapons such as the Thunderbolt gets damage per hit increased as well as damage pulses at a faster rate. Charge Rifle’s Charge Hack mod is now a Quick shot. The Mastiff Speedloader mod has been fixed from not working. Tacticals such as the Holopilot now has the health meter and pilots name also includes a small noise to the owner it is being destroyed.

It also includes the Game Mode Attrition where enemy npcs appear on a minimap. Other new features and changes bring in a Feature Mode Colony 24/7 Mix of Modes, even random added execution for pilots of ones that you have already unlocked in the game. For things like advocate gifts will now be default and help out players that play a singular type of loadout. There’s also a few new victory animations as well as an introduction ceremony.


Now for bug fixes in the update. There are quite a few but just to list a few ones are various fixes to overall movement in the game for everything, the Pilots melee, amped wall fixes, some issues with weapons dropping during an execution and Silence Pistols can properly damage now. Other fixes happen to be things as a bug in Coliseum where a player would spawn on the same side of their enemy, or Titans being able to warp to a floor when disembarking and the disembarking being adjusted when on a raised platform.

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