Rick And Morty Released Season 3 On April 1st

So April fools day has come and gone, where we have had a lot of useless announcements from many multi-million dollar business release all sorts of announcements, which could be real but most likely not.

So imagine what I thought when I heard that Rick And Morty released a brand new episode out of the blue, for season 3 on this very day.

At first I obviously thought that this was just a hoax however, I soon discovered that this was probably the most truthful thing you could find on the internet on April 1st.

So I watched the first  episode of season 3, which we have been waiting on for over a year and a half now and it was amazing.

With such a great set up for this season it was always going to be good, so if you are a Rick and Morty fan then make sure to check out the first episode of season 3.

Also if you have already watched the episode then please let us know what you thought of the it in the comments below.

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