‘One Piece’ 862 Manga: How Will Sanji React After Pudding Shoot Him?


“One Piece” 862 manga will finally be released a few days from now. With the Straw Hats and the Fire Tanks already set to enter the wedding hall, fans are definitely expecting the action to kick up a notch next chapter. To keep fans up to speed, here are some of the numerous “One Piece” Chapter 862 spoilers and speculations are circulating on the net.

Understandably, most of the speculations center on Sanji. In the previous chapter, Sanji was seen having doubts on Pudding’s role in Big Mom’s assassination plot of his family, the Vinsmokes. Despite hearing Pudding talk about her role with his own ears, Sanji now doubts if that ever happened at all. Pudding was playing her flawlessly by appearing so innocent and making Sanji fall in love with her again

The question fans are asking is whether or not Sanji will screw it up in the coming “One Piece” 862. As previously agreed by the alliance, Pudding’s gunshot will be the signal for them to commence their assassination plot. This means that Sanji will have to dodge the bullet for him to survive at all.

Despite being in love with Pudding at the moment, it is expected that Sanji will definitely dodge her bullet and start the ball rolling. But it should be interesting to see how Sanji will react after Puddin unloads her gun on his face. There are speculations saying that Sanji will not counterattack as he has previously stated that he his will never hit a woman even if it costs him his life according to this OnePieceForum thread.

But Pudding has to be dealt with. Fortunately, there are members of the alliance that are not too selective. One possible opponent for Pudding is Nami. Or better yet, Reiju could finally get even for their previous encounter.

Incidentally, the same gunshot is also the signal for Big Mom’s henchmen to barge in and start firing at Sanji’s family. Whatever happens in “One Piece 862,” expect all hell to break lose.

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