Microsoft Reveals Project Scorpio’s Specs

Microsoft finally gives us an update with new details on the Xbox Scorpio in the past few days. Now they haven’t given us any pictures or what kind of games will be on the new, unnamed system but we do have some information.

xbox-scorpio-2This system is meant to be set up as an upgrade to the previous console Microsoft has made, the Xbox One as well as it being set up to not only compete with the competitors like the the PS4 Pro but to surpass it with it’s better tech. The system is meant for the serious gamer enthusiast with it’s improved specs that supports 4K like the Pro and also high VR.

Now let’s get into the systems specs and details! The CPU has eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz with its GPU being 40 customized computer units at 1172MHz. For its Memory, there’s 12GB GDDR5 and its Memory Bandwidth around 326GB/s. Its Hard Drive space has 1TB 2.5-inch worth and has 4K UHD Blu-ray for the Optical Drive. With all that, it seems like this console will be really amazing so far in the power of systems so far.


That’s all we got from what some might not even call an announcement, there’s no confirmed price, pictures of the console or even a proper set date for release. All that’s left now is some speculation such as with Digital Foundry, where they state that the system might sell for the same price Xbox One did back in 2013 which was $499 US.
Microsoft teased everyone last year at E3 so hopefully they can unveil something about it then or even around that time, we just have to keep an ear out for anything. Us fans are really left wanting to know more about this but at least it’s an update to get excited about as the console will be hopefully released this year around holiday season.

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