Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Preview

The Tournament of Power isn’t very far away now and the recruiting is almost complete, this time it’s Tien and Roshi who will be in the spotlight.

In this episode Goku will test Tien’s strength and visit the new Crain School, run by Tien himself now however; Master Roshi is there and will not be as civil.

For some unknown reason Tien’s students and Roshi as well look to be possessed and start to go on a rampage.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Preview
Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 Preview

The others seem easy to stop but Master Roshi isn’t going to be as easy, especially when he goes max power.

This episode is going to be cool, especially as we don’t get to see many episode that emphasise on non-Saiyan characters.

So make sure to watch the episode next week but until then you can take a look at the preview for episode 89 of Dragon Ball Super below.

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