Boruto Episode 2 Preview

We finally got to see the first episode of the next generation of shinobi, with Boruto looking as rebellious as his father once was however, for very different reasons.

This series will show us a new style of ninja with technology rapidly becoming more and more important with society, replacing ninja powers.

We start the series significantly before the Boruto movies timeline, with Boruto looking looking to be nowhere near as strong as he was in last years film.

Boruto Episode 2 Preview
Boruto Episode 2 Preview

However, we did get to see the son of the seventh Hokage momentarily awaken his Byakugan, as well as what looked like his Tenseigan too, despite him not realising.

One episode down and we already have an answer to one of the many questions the manga strips, which were released late last year, forced us to wonder (Boruto’s Byakugan’s origins).

Now sadly fans will have to wait another seven days for episode two but from what it looks like, this continuation of Naruto is going to be good. Especially after the glimpses of a destroyed Konoha kicking the show off.

Boruto Episode 2 Preview
Boruto Episode 2 Preview

So make sure to take a look at the preview below for episode 2 of Boruto here if you already haven’t:

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8 thoughts on “Boruto Episode 2 Preview”

    1. I agree and I am worried that if they kill off too many of the characters from Narutos generation, people may boycott Boruto. I watched episode 1 and it was weird and to be honest O wasn’t a fan of the movie eother. Technology has changed too much for ninjutsu to be relevant. Sort of liike Kora and Avatar, except Kora was based 50years later while Boruto is only about 10.

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