Bleach Animator Wants The Anime To Return

Bleach was once regarded as one of the biggest anime franchises in the world, with millions of fans across the globe.

However, due to a sudden rating slide, Studio Pierrot was forced to cancel the programs production in 2012, without ever finishing it.

But that didn’t stop the manga, which continued to run until late 2016, with a solid readership. However, despite the apparent fandom still being alive, we have never heard of an anime resurrection.

Bleach Animator Wants The Anime To Return
Bleach Animator Wants The Anime To Return

However according to Bleach anime designer Masashi Kudo, stated in a recent interview that he would love the anime to return.

“All the staff, including myself, hope that the anime can continue, but nothing has been decided yet.” Said Kudo.

These statements by Kudo were revealed during last weeks Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show, while he was talking about his new anime project, Chain Chronicle.

Bleach Animator Wants The Anime To Return
Bleach Animator Wants The Anime To Return

Sadly there has been no news on any company wanting to reboot the series just yet, but these are still good signs.

Remember now with the manga completed, there is no need for filler and so the anime can be 100% cannon, if it was to return.

We must also take into account that the fandom has been crying out for years, demanding Bleach to come back but their cries seem to be ignored.

We must also take into account that in 2018 the first live-action Bleach movie will be released and if successful, may encourage an animation return as well.

Bleach Animator Wants The Anime To Return
Bleach Animator Wants The Anime To Return

Do you want to see Bleach’s anime return? Please let us know in the comments below.

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34 thoughts on “Bleach Animator Wants The Anime To Return”

  1. I would love to see this series get a reboot. If course, I just love Bleach so would be happy with more or less anything related.

  2. I WOULD love to see the return of this anime , as well as 1000’s of fans out there. but iam not sure the live action would be much of a success !
    anyway lets hope for best

  3. Yes, I would like it too much ! I would that this anime may return, actually is my favorite one, please make this possible; not only me but other fans want its return; so please make it possible.

  4. All I know is everyone keeps saying how the franchise is one of the biggest and it has accumulated millions of fans and we would love for it to make a comeback etc. Well what the hell are you waiting for? Permission? Hopefully that’s the only thing, if it is, because I for one have watched every episode and still watch most of the ones I really liked above the others. I can’t tell you how great it would be to finally watch a new bleach episode again but, to tell us the truth, I wish whoever it is that has the franchise under its thumb would make up their damn minds up. There is to much hinting and wanting with nothing to show for it. None the less, if it doesn’t come back I will except that it is done, even though I wouldn’t like it but I would at least know for sure.

    1. Personally I don’t think it is done, as the live action movie is almost here. I think if that film is successful, which it should be, then they will bring the anime back as it is now in the spotlight again.

  5. I can just say that even day doesn’t slip by that i don’t google about possible news about continuations. Bleach was a part of milions lives all accross the world, I loved even every filler arc, it’s not possible to describe in one comment everything that we feel everyday when there are no news about bleach return. So please, i’m sure there are middleschooler, highschoolers, adult ones, loved ones, abandoned ones, in every corner of this earth who wants for this show on tv screen again. Please, give us Bleach back

  6. I recently finished the Bleach anime (including filler arcs) and have to saw it was awesome, kinda annoyed on how the anime kinda ended but I hope the final manga arc is animated – if Toriyama can resurrect Dragon Ball after 20+ years in the form of Super then I don’t see why Kubo can’t bring back Bleach and finish the final arc and maybe even focus the show of Ichigo’s and Rukia’s children or at least a spin-off.

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