Attack On Titan Season 2: Episode 3 Preview

So we had episode 2 of Attack on Titan this weekend and to be honest it was in my opinion, average at best.

Shasha went back to her village and had some character development, which is nice and we got more then 1 minute of screen time with Eren And Mikasa however, we still barley got to see them.

The episode end with Cory and some of the other squad members finding Cory’s village in ruins, was pretty interesting however, it was right at the end of the episode.

WE got see an unusual Titan, a Titan who had completely crushed Cory’s house however, it’s arms and legs looked under developed, meaning that this titan couldn’t have possibly walked there in its own.

The titan could possibly be a baby titan, in the sense that we don’t know how titans are made yet and this one looked as if it was growing.

But we still have no conformation yet so we must look forward towards episode 3 where in the preview “Southwestward” we see that the titans are continuing there attack, and humanity will be making more of a offensive move.


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