What Role Will Kakashi Play In Boruto?

Where is Kakashi in Boruto?

What Role Will Kakashi Play In Boruto? What Role Will Kakashi Play In Boruto?

We know that Hatake Kakashi became the sixth Hokage shortly after the 4th Great Shinobi War however; we are yet to see him in Boruto so far.

Does this mean that we will barley see Kakashi who was such an important character in Naruto, not be in Boruto’s story? Or is it that he will become more relevant later on?

We have to take into account that Kakashi is well past his prime and has become a lot weaker since losing his Sharingan’s.

What Role Will Kakashi Play In Boruto?

What Role Will Kakashi Play In Boruto?

The era of “The Copy Ninja” is well and truly over however; people forget just how good Kakashi is without his visual powers. Remember Kakashi was considered a genius and became a jounin well before inheriting Obito’s eye’s.

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