Which One Of Ragnar’s Sons Will Kill Lagertha?

As The Seer has prophesied, Lagertha will be killed by one of her ex-husbands sons however, which one will it be is unknown.

Most Vikings fans will point their finger at Ivar, as he has not only sworn vengeance against Lagertha for the death of his mother Aslaug, but has also shown us that his stubbornness and and complete disregard to his other family members.

Ivar is a man who gives minimal compassion to others and regards himself superior to his brothers, also he will show no mercy even to his family, which we got to see when he murdered his brother Sigurd in cold blood over an immature argument.

Which One Of Ragnar’s Sons Will Kill Lagertha?
Which One Of Ragnar’s Sons Will Kill Lagertha?

Ivar doesn’t seem to be someone who will be afraid of his eldest brother Bjorn either therefore, he will not see him as an obstacle for the removal of Lagertha. This is evident when Iavr countlessly showed nothing but disrespect towards Bjorn, as well as challenging his authority and decisions multiple times.

Yes with all of this Ivar is the easy one to expect however, that may be too predictable and as a result the killer could be someone more, unexpected.

We probably should rule out Ubba, as he was seen in the season five preview looking to be toasting Lagertha, in what looks to be some sort of future partnership.

Obviously Sigurd is dead and I genuinely doubt that it will be Hvitserk to lead a rebellion against the queen of Kattegat.

Which One Of Ragnar’s Sons Will Kill Lagertha?
Which One Of Ragnar’s Sons Will Kill Lagertha?

So then it has to be Ivar doesn’t it? Actually no it doesn’t. We have to remember that there are two more sons in the equation in this series, Bjorn and an unofficial child under the name of Magnus.

Yes I did just suggest that Bjorn might kill his own mother no matter unlikely you may think it could be. It is possible that Bjorn may be forced into committing the murder of his own mother, or that she in turn may sacrifice herself for her son therefore, Bjorn indirectly killing her.

Remember The Seer ever never gives us the whole story with his predictions, so we shouldn’t assume that this is any different.

Bjorn has children that can be used as hostages, which their safety in turn may be used against Lagertha. Yes this is unlikely however, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility either.

Which One Of Ragnar’s Sons Will Kill Lagertha?
Which One Of Ragnar’s Sons Will Kill Lagertha?

Now moving onto the next son in Magnus who’s legitimacy of being the son of Ragnar, has been denied by his supposed father himself.

We don’t know when Lagertha will be killed, only that a son of Ragnar will kill her, so if enough time were to pass ,Magnus could grow to be a threat as well.

Therefore, if Magnus continued to call himself a son of Ragnar and held a grudge against the Vikings for his abandonment and the murder of his people, he may wish to execute revenge upon them.

Yes Magnus may not be a legitimate son of Lagertha’s former husband however, if he is known worldwide as a son of Ragnar, The Seer may see that as enough to consider him one when he gave Lagertha his prophecy.

Which One Of Ragnar’s Sons Will Kill Lagertha?
Which One Of Ragnar’s Sons Will Kill Lagertha?

We mustn’t also forget that we know little about what Ragnar did during the time that he disappeared, so little that there may even be a possibility that he accidentally had more children.

Remember all those times when the sons of Ragnar jokingly spoke of them not knowing how many of them there exactly were? Well their jokes may hold more truth then we thought.

For now though, most will still assume that Ivar will be the one to avenge his mothers death however, we cannot rule out the other sons we know of or the ones who may exist that we don’t know of, causing Lagertha’s death.

Which One Of Ragnar’s Sons Will Kill Lagertha?
Which One Of Ragnar’s Sons Will Kill Lagertha?

For the moment there are a lot of possibilities, so many so that we cannot even assume that Lagertha’s death will be in season five or even rule out her only son in Bjorn, from the cause of her death either.

All we know is that a son of Ragnar will kill her and that The Seer never gives us the whole story, so we should assume anything is possible.

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5 thoughts on “Which One Of Ragnar’s Sons Will Kill Lagertha?”

  1. I have a different point of view. If Magnus killed Lagertha, he would finally be consagrated as a Ragnar’s son. We, viewers, would know that Ragnar hd sex with Kwenthrith, do you see?

  2. My vote is that the murderer will be the one we, the viewers, least likely expect. My guess in this order is: Magnus, Bjorn or an unknown child.

    1. My guess is either Magnus or an unknown child as well, as we have all those years that Ragnar was missing that can easily be filled with something like an affair.

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