What If Kid Goku Went Super Saiyan?

Considering Goku is the main character and hero of the Dragon Ball universe, it surprises some people how much longer it took Goku to transform in comparison to some of the other Saiyans.

Gohan his eldest son transomed into a Super Saiyan and even went further than that as a teenager, while Goten and Trunks achieved the legendary transformation at well under the ages of 10.

What If Kid Goku Went Super Saiyan?
What If Kid Goku Went Super Saiyan?

But we have to remember that Goku was somewhat different to these other Saiyans, Goku when he was born was not a prodigy.

Remember that Goku was born with an incredibly weak power level and so was sent to earth, mainly because earth was considered a planet with weak inhabitants.

Therefore, Goku should have been able to kill off the planets inhabitants with ease still, despite him being ranked a low-class warrior.

However, Goku obviously overcomes this through training and becomes possibly the greatest Saiyan to ever live. But what would have happened if Goku improved faster? And awakened his transformation earlier?

The Dragon Ball Universe would be quite different now as a result, for instance Freeza may have heard about him and travelled to earth in order to get rid of him.

So YouTuber MasakoX has given us his thoughts on what else may have happened if Kid Goku went Super Saiyan and you can check out the video from MasakoX below.

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7 thoughts on “What If Kid Goku Went Super Saiyan?”

  1. go watch the old dragon ball movie that isint canon when one of goku’s friends dies he get’s real close to it and you can even see his hair start to go up more

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  3. Well your idea of Goku obtaining the Super Sayajin form would be interesting but how about a variation of the time instead of when Krillin died how about he unlocked that potential when he was training for the 3 years in Kami’s place when he was a bit older, that the transformation was triggered by some other means like pain +rage during a battle that could still be plausible of sorts no? What happens after that we leave for imagination (because I don’t want to make a long explanation of the events afterwards)

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