Should You Watch Youjo Senki?

One of the best anime this year was Youjo Senki or Saga of Tanya the Evil (Yeah, I know, weird title)

The main protagonist is Tanya Degurechaff AKA the girl down here.

Should You Watch Youjo Senki?
Should You Watch Youjo Senki?

She looks pretty angry right? Well, you’d better get used to it, cause she is angry throughout all the series.

I enjoy watching this anime (I haven’t finished it yet) but I can guarantee you, that you can also like it if you’re not easily offended.

Basically, the show talks about God or Being X and Tanya denies his existence. You can call her a hardcore atheist. I am religious myself, but this anime is funny. This is a piece of FICTION and it is clearly not serious.

Should You Watch Youjo Senki?
Should You Watch Youjo Senki?

I started this anime because it reminded me of Shuumatsu no Izetta, another historical anime about war. I like historical themes, but there weren’t enough anime about World War II. I mean, I know Hetalia exists, but I don’t want to watch yaoi.

So I’m talking about History (and that’s weird because I had a History test today about the two World Wars hehe)

I recommend you watch this anime, if you like History, wars and crazy laughing however, if you don’t like watching an atheist insulting God, please don’t watch this. (Go watch Shuumatsu no Izetta instead)

If you’re still not sure about Youjo Senki, watch this scene. NOW.

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  1. Youjo Senki looks like a pretty dope anime from what I’ve seen but the art style for some of the characters can definitely be a bit of a turn off

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