Osomatsu-San Season 2 Announced

A few days ago they announced  season 2 of Osomatsu-San,  thi has come after being hinted at for a while with the director saying he was interested in doing another season.

Prior to this they even went on to make some shorts for the releases of Osomatsu-San, so now I’m wondering if the first episode of this upcoming season will get pulled, similar to the first episode of the series. This was because episode one broke so many copyright laws and as a result, it had to be taken down and it’s really hard to find nowadays.
Image result for osomatsu-san 1st episode attack on titan

This season is going to be epic, especially now that they have a lot of new things to make fun of such as Trump or the Brexit.

Image result for the brexit england anime

Hopefully it all goes well and we end up having our  Japanese version of South Park return. For now the series is scheduled to begin airing on April 6th in several popular cinemas across Japan, so stay tuned for more information.

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