One Punch Man Is Now On Netflix

With One Punch Man’s second season on the horizon, many fans are waiting patiently for their favourite bald superhero to return.

Saitama’s first season blew everyone’s minds when season one arrived and as a result, his anime has become one of the most successful to hit our screen from over the last couple of years.

One Punch Man Is Now On Netflix
One Punch Man Is Now On Netflix

Season two is still a few months away however; fans can now re-watch the glory of season one again, this time on Netflix.

Sadly according to, this is so far localised to only American users and is available in Japanese with English Subs, as well as in the English Dubbed version too.

One Punch Man Is Now On Netflix
One Punch Man Is Now On Netflix

This comes as great news for those who are looking at re-watching the series or catch up to it, before the upcoming second season arrives.

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    1. Yeah it’s more convenient now and I am surprised they got the rights to it considering they usually struggle to get good anime on Netflix.

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