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Developers all over the world were amazed after Minecraft emerged from nothing, now it is one of the most known games ever to be manufactured, having sold 53,000 copies per day during the course of 2016.  This caused a demand of these wonderful and exciting games to be developed further, so they began to make more.
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7 Days to die and even Spelunky came out with the best attention to become the best new way to survive in harsh environment, I remember in Rust always loving the game each time I punched a tree down. Each rock I hit got me closer to victory but every 5 minutes involved running away from people with no soul, trying to kill and break down your house in order to steal everything you’ve worked so hard to get.
Image result for no mans sky                                                                                              Then when all hope was lost a new break-through of gaming came out, a game that was talked up so much it made  Markus “Notch” Persson shiver and fear of his beloved Minecraft. Enter No Man’s Sky, which came out with hundreds of people pre-ordering it and lining up to get the first look of this brand new game that was meant to hit us all in the face, showing us how a survival game should be like.

Starting in a new world next to your broken space ship that you have to fix within hours of breaking down rocks, plants and trees. This game concepts what no other has done before, incorporating endless hours of walking and destroying the environment to craft, finding new animals and life forms in every new planet all different to each other.

In this game that developers really feel a game should look, with amazing graphics, colours and every single detail obviously accomplished after hours/days of hard work. Every turn I did the graphics took my breath away but after-hours of playing I realised, wasn’t this meant to be an online game? Wheres the people, wheres the fun and action. Its like the developers made this game with the intention of competing with Sonic the Hedgehog however, when I finish Sonic I get a ring counts and always seem to do amazing, making me feel like I accomplished something, unlike No Mans Sky.

Overall I give No Mans Sky a poor rating due to its disappointment, even though the developers are adding extras and trying to redeem themselves, its just too late and people have moved on.

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