My Thoughts About Fuuka

I am a fanatic user of Twitter. I tweet everything I do, everything I eat, everywhere I go.

But what if there was an anime character like me? Fuuka actually has to be the one.

My Thoughts About Fuuka
My Thoughts About Fuuka 

The main protagonist is called Yuu Haruna and the synopsis of Fuuka, starts with “Yuu Haruna just moved into town and loves to use Twitter”

This sentence was enough to draw my attention. (To be honest my Twitter avatar is Yuu Haruna now.)

But how good is Fuuka as an anime?

For me, it is nothing more than a copy of all the romance clichés borrowed from older anime. I mean, aren’t you tired of the unnecessary fan-service?

This anime is nothing original. I haven’t read the manga as is only has some minor changes and it’s very long, so I don’t recommend that either.

My Thoughts About Fuuka
My Thoughts About Fuuka

To wrap up my review, Fuuka has relatable characters, but it is slightly boring. It’s just a lazy blend of bad tropes and panty shots 😖

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4 thoughts on “My Thoughts About Fuuka”

  1. Hi there! I watched Fuuka as a fan of the manga and as a reader I can say that while the plot was essentially the same, the anime did divert from the manga a whole lot. The whole essence of the manga was butchered in the anime and a very essential scene was removed which was my whole reason for watching the anime so I was severely disappointed. But in saying that, I definitely agree that the anime was nothing special and was just filled with unnecessary fan service.
    P.S. The second image is of a manga only character

    1. I know what scene you mean *coughtruckcough*
      And wow, that is a manga only character?
      As I said I didn’t read the manga, so could you please tell me the name of the character?
      I’m asking out of curiosity.

      1. Hahahaha.
        The character is the namesake Fuuka… yeah it is a little dumb but after Fuuka Akitsuki (blue hair) leaves the band, Yuu meets Fuuka Aoi (black hair) and she eventually creates a new band with the band members. The girl in the picture is Fuuka Aoi.

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