Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Reviewed

Throughout my many years of gaming I have tried to play the Metal Gear games and for some reason each time I have tried to play it, the screen on my PlayStation Vita decides to die.

However, only recently did it finally allow me to play MG3 and I loved it.
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So with that here is my review for the game. The story within the game is the stuff that you can expect in a 007 film, with Snake going into Russia to find a professor named Sokolov, and take him back to America.
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This doesn’t go well and Sokolov is taken prisoner again, as well as being forced to work on a weapon for the KGB officers, who are lead by Snakes old mentor The Boss.
You begin to take part in a mission to get Sokolov back, as well as destroying the weapon and kill The Boss.

Now the game was a PS2 game originally but I think it still holds up on the Vita and PS3 systems but it still has some funny bugs, like Snakes bandana randomly moving crazily.

The soundtrack is excellent, especially when your sneaking though the jungle and just listening for any animals or guards.

Now for the game play,  it’s mainly focused on sneaking around the guards instead of slaughtering everything that moves, which other games usually have.
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You can actually go though the entire game without killing anyone and instead just tranquilizing them, or have someone else kill them.
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However, the only problem is that the controls are a bit clunky, which is due to the age of the game. But the greatest part of the game is the boss fights, as they are unique, feeling different each and every time.

As a result this is one of the best games that I have  ever played when it comes to story but for gameplay it is a bit clunky, especially after going and playing more PS3 and PS4 game therefore, I’m giving this game two scores,

For story 100/100

For gameplay 89/100

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