Eureka Seven Get’s A Film Trilogy!!

Bones Studios have announced that they are re-creating one of their classics in Eureka Seven, with three brand new films.

Now the films are set to be released over the corse of years, commencing from now.




The films will take place 10 years before the main series from back in 2005. The films will be focusing on “the summer of love”. It will also have the basic story of the original series with of course, an original ending.

This will hopefully open the series up to newcomers, instead of the train wreck that was Eureka Seven A.O, which we will never speak of.

Or the movie that tried to cram  over 50 episodes into an hour and a half film.

But still Eureka Seven fans should get excited, because the anime is coming back but this time in the form of three movies.

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