Could Kawaki Be An Uzumaki?

A few months ago I teased the idea of the possibility of Kawaki, the man who would ultimately destroy Konoha maybe being a Saurai however, after giving it a lot of thought I realised that there are other possibilities too.

So I thought to myself, what are the chances Kawaki is actually not a Samurai and instead an Uzumaki clan member? Well most people would say that it’s highly unlikely as his hair isn’t red, or that the clan was completely wiped out.

However, remember that Naruto’s hair is also not red and so it is possible that Kawaki could be a half Uzumaki, making his hair change colour.

Could Kawaki Be An Uzumaki?
Could Kawaki Be An Uzumaki?

Remember that the Uzumaki clan if there were any survivors, have every reason to hate not only Konoha, but also all the great five nations.

The Uzumaki clan were completely wiped out leaving minimal survivors, and those who did survive were usually tortured, experimented on , used, enslaved or all of the above.

This was due to the Uzumaki clan being a distant relative to the Senju clan and therefore, naturally had large chakra reserves. Yes there sealing jutsu’s were also feared but there large chakra levels also caused them to be used as Jinchuriki, normally against their will.

Could Kawaki Be An Uzumaki?
Could Kawaki Be An Uzumaki?

For example Kushina became the Jinchuriki of the nine tails, as did the first Hokage’s wife and Naruto. Karin and Nagato were too used but in a different way, Karin had healing powers and with her large chakra levels, she and he mother were enslaved during war times.

While as for Nagato, Madara implanted his Rinnegan within him as a child due to him being one of the only few people capable of controlling Madara’s eyes, also due to his high chakra levels.

Furthermore because of the clan’s affiliation with Konoha, enemy states found them incredibly dangerous and so wanted them exterminated. Unfortunately Konoha was unable to prevent this, which could be another motive for the remanning Uzumaki members to hate them.

Could Kawaki Be An Uzumaki?
Could Kawaki Be An Uzumaki?

We must also remember that it is possible that it’s not that Konoha couldn’t help the Uzumaki members, but maybe that they didn’t want to help them.

It sound a little unlikely that Konoha wouldn’t want to help such a strong ally but if there was a reason behind it, then it is possible.

Danzo did many things under the table, hidden away in secrecy from Hiruzen and the other village leaders. Danzo acted on is own most of the time, doing what he alone thought was best for the village and in turn, usually making matters much worse for not only the village but the world.

It is possible that Danzo realised other villages were capturing and using Ukumaki members. As a result, Danzo may have decided it was better for the village if no one could access the powers of the Uzumaki.

If this is true he may have been apart of the slaughter, which would give Kawaki an obvious motive.

In addition the Uzumaki were known for their sealing jutsu’s and as a result when Kawaki told Boruto in the infamous manga sneak peek, that he will send him to where his father is, it could mean that he is sealed away instead of dead, like we all assume.

I feel as if Kawaki being an Uzumaki member is incredibly high, especially as we know little about their destruction and that means that there are a lot of possibilities there.

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