Why Can’t Master Roshi Fly?

The legendary Master Roshi is famed for being one of the strongest humans to ever exists, winning the World Martial Arts Tournament multiple times, training Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien (briefly) the Ox King, Grampa Gohan and having one of the coolest transformations in the Dragon Ball universe.

The man known as the Turtle Hermit is over 350 years old and still going strong, being capable of fighting Freiza’s henchmen when the tyrant attacked Earth seeking revenge.

Why Can't Master Roshi Fly?
Why Can’t Master Roshi Fly?

He is one of the earliest characters to show us the use of Kai, and is also the man who taught Goku and some of the other Z-Fighters about how to use it.

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3 thoughts on “Why Can’t Master Roshi Fly?”

  1. I’m glad that its not as simple answer like him just being weak. The fact that its due to him being stubborn means that he may learn it in the future or even could possibly already know how to fly but just doesn’t, similar to Master Shen knowing the Kamehameha wave but not using it

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