One Piece Chapter 856: “Liar”

In chapter 856 Sanji and Luffy will finally reunite, while Bobbin will finally admit that he is loyal to the Germa 66 kingdom. In addition he has also revealed his original plan to kill Big Mom, while Sanji and Pudding are being wed.

Sanji was shocked once he discovered this, as he had no suspicions of Bobbin being under the employment of his father.

One Piece Chapter 856: "Liar"
One Piece Chapter 856: “Liar”

In this chapter it is expected that Sanji and the Straw Hats will continue their attempt to stop the Charlotte family matriarch’s evil plans, it will meant that we will be brought a lot closer to the completion of this arc.

Due to a great deal of speculation on Reddit, fans suggest that Luffy’s crew will attempt to take on Big Mom immediately.

Although, there are many fans out there that believe that it is unlikely that they can pull it off on the first go, with some believing the crew need more allies first.

There are also rumours that suggest that the Straw Hat Pirates will attempt to save Reiju, the sister of Sanji from getting killed. As a result Luffy and the rest of the pirates will have to save the whole Vinsmoke clan.

However, there are more rumours out there, this time circling the Road Poneglyph. The rumours are that there will be a plot twist, which will in turn affect the Straw Hats in the future.

It is suggested that a problem may arise when the pirates discuss that Road Poneglyph, with Brulee still around.

So check out the latest chapter here, One Piece Chapter 856: Liar.

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