Xbox Exclusive Scalebound Is Officially Cancelled

This was meant to be one of the biggest upcoming games Microsoft had to offer in 2017, and now it has been revealed that Scalebound will never hit our consoles.

This is terrible news for Microsoft gamers as one of the biggest exclusive games, which was meant to feature alongside Halo Wars 2, Sea Of Thieves and Crackdown 3, has been completely cancelled.

Xbox Exclusive Scalebound Is Officially Cancelled
Xbox Exclusive Scalebound Is Officially Cancelled

Scalebound, which has been in the making for four years now, by Japanese studio Platinum Games, was meant to feature incredible boss fights and four-player co-operative missions, and was the biggest project the studio had to date.

According Eurogamer, several of the companies key development members were forced to step aside from the project briefly, due to the enormous pressure the project put them under.

However when they returned, the game was massively behind schedule and then the decision of discontinuing production was made.

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