Teaser For The Fairy Tale Movie Coming In 2017

Fairy Tale manga creator Hiro Mashima, confirmed on Twitter recently that sometime in spring 2017, we would be seeing Fairy Tale’s second film, titled ‘Dragon cry’.

The movies staff has even gone to the point of opening an official Twitter account under the name, with fans already excited about the up incoming movie.

The only thing is Fair Tale getting a second movie is not new news, as it was first announced in May 2015 however; this is the first time we are hearing about a movie title and most importantly a rough estimate of the release date.

Teaser For The Fairy Tale Movie Coming In 2017
Teaser For The Fairy Tale Movie Coming In 2017

This will be the first movie for the worlds most notorious mage guild since ‘Phoenix Priestess’ in August 2012, and with so much content released since; this movie has taken too long to hit our screens.

Also Dragon Cry has been in the works for some time now, with the anime series releasing information on the film in March last year, stating that the movie was in the making.

Check out the teaser we have found for the up incoming Fair Tale film below.

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