New DC TV Show Will Air IN 2017, Is It Black Lightning?

It was apparent that DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, was having a good time entering the new year when he leaked some news on Twitter.

In the group of Tweets by Johns, he described his most anticipated moments of 2017 for DC Comics, one of which has yet to be officially released.

In one of his Tweets he states that there will be a new DC TV show announced soon, which will be airing in 2017.

Now Johns hasn’t confirmed what exactly that TV show will be however, many sources believe that it will be Black Lightning, mainly as its already under development.

The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl writer Greg Berlanti, is reported to have been working along side Salim and Mara Brick Akil (creators of The Game and Being Mary Jane) on a Black Lightning TV show.

Black Lightning has been underdevelopment for a year now, with Fox already requesting the pilot a few months ago however, there has been no official conformation made about a release date.

New DC TV Show Will Air IN 2017, Is It Black Lightning?
New DC TV Show Will Air IN 2017, Is It Black Lightning?

So obviously DC haven’t officially said that it was Black Lightning that Johns was talking about, especially with many more shows under production as well.

Shows such as WGN’s “Scalped” and “Krypton” has had pilot orders in recent months as well, but we must not forget DMZ, Ronin, Amped, Red and Unfollow, who are also under development.


But many believe that it will be Black Lightning to soon be officially announced as the next DC TV show, and with fans of Black Lightning waiting years for this, we all hope it is.

So if you are excited for Black Lightning then stay tuned as there should be an announcement made on what TV show Johns was talking about very soon, our guess is, its going to be Black Lightning.


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