Music You Can Add To Your Video-Gaming Experience

Alright so the other day I was at a mates place, where we were playing Super Smash Bros and we decided for shits & giggles, we would put on some Star Wars music whilst playing on final destination, specifically this song.

Then I got thinking, what other music could we add to the background of video games, so here are some ideas of mine.

Mario Kart with Initial D music

Image result for mario kart gameplay gif


Tetris with God of War music
Image result for tetris gif



Luigi’s Mansion with Resident Evil music

Image result for luigi's mansion gif


Any Uncharted game with Indiana Jones music

Image result for uncharted gif


Pokemon with the Last of Us music

Image result for pokemon/ the last of us


The legend of Zelda with Game of Thrones music

Image result for the legend of zelda opening gif


Mass Effect with Star Trek music

Image result for mass effect gif


Wii fit with Push if to the Limit

Image result for Wii fit gif


Any Call of Duty game with this

Image result for call of duty gif

Image result for call of duty gif

Image result for call of duty gif

Got any other one’s you would like to add? If you do then share them in the comments below.

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