Will We Ever See The Best Of Gohan Again?

This is the question Dragon Ball fans have been wondering for a very long time, will we ever see the best of Gohan again?

As we know Dragon Ball Super has started similar to the Buu saga when it comes to Gohan, except much worse.

At the beginning of Dragon Ball Super we don’t see much of a decline in Gohan’s powers, he still looked pretty tough and in good shape when he charged Berus in the Battle Of Gods episode remakes, but after that, it all went downhill.


As we build up toward the Resurrection of F movie, Gohan has married Videl and has a new baby girl in Pan. Furthermore he has stopped all forms of training and so had become weaker than when he was introduced in the early stages of the Buu saga.

Yes life it good for him, he has a family and a career he loves in a time of peace, but why does that mean he has to be this weak?

During the Resurrection of F movie and episodes he admits that he may not even be able to transform into a Super Saiyan anymore although, he does manage to transform, but then gets beaten up pretty easily by Freiza later on.

It was shattering for Gohan fans to watch Freiza toy with him so easily and it was then we realised how low Gohan had fallen as a fighter.

Many fans accepted that Goahn in a time of peace with a family and a career didn’t find the need to train and fight anymore.

He was even left out of the tournament during the Champa saga, but soon after that we have started to see glimpses of hope.

Ever since that point we have had hints that Goahn may well return to his awesome best, especially when he expressed his disgust in himself being unable to protect his family and so started to train with Piccolo.

Beyond that point we don’t see much more of Gohan training, instead we see him completely domesticated During the Zamasu saga, where Trunks first arrives from the future and visits Gohan and his family.

Gohan once again is left our of the fighting but again looks pretty disappointed when he discovers later on what his farther, Vegeta and Trunks were going through in the future.

Later when Zamasu was defeated and all was brought back to the way it once was, Gohan appears again, this time to say goodbye to his friend Trunks, alongside Piccolo and from what we see he looked a little more badass again and flustered.

Many fans once again too this as he was training with Piccolo before bidding his farewell however, this is not officially confirmed and is simply speculation.

Lastly during the filler episode where our Z-fighters competed in a universal Baseball game, Champa makes a small comment of Gohans strength, after being blown away by one of Goku’s throws.This of course means little but to Gohan fans it’s enough to get excited about, even Vegeta during the series praises Goku’s son for having the most natural potential than anyone.

Its time we see Goahn back to his best and it has been hinted throughout the series that Gohan is coming back, especially with the death of Goku. We have also been given an image of the most of the Z-fighter looking ready to fight earlier this week, most of which had been relatively useless during Super so far.

Yes Gohan is amongst the other including Android 17, looking ready to battle in this next battle against the universes, wearing his old orange outfit.

Hopefully however, we aren’t disappointed and we see Gohan strong again and if we are lucky, maybe even a new form as well, only time will tell though and for now, all we can do is hope.

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