Where Is One Piece’s Live Action Movie?

As many anime fans would know, when you hear words liv- action movie, you should prepare yourself for some disappointment; especially when you look back at Dragon Ball Evolution and Attack on Titan.

Both of these had their critics and were considered failures however, Attack on Titan was significantly better than the 2009 Dragon Ball Evolution disappointment.

So as time has progressed, film companies have gradually gotten better at remaking anime into live-action movies.

Most of the reasons fans have been disgusted with the way film companies have made their favourite anime into a films, is because of all the storyline changes, both Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball Evolution had massive changes to their overall plot.

However, as I have already mentioned, each time a movie is made it gets slightly better therefore, it may be a good time to make a One Piece live-action movie.

Maybe we should wait a little longer though, because in 2017 we will be seeing Naruto, Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist all get live-action movies released.


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If these incredibly popular anime movies are successful, which many anime fans are genuinely hoping they will be, then I can’t see any reason why a company wouldn’t snap up one of the only other major anime, not to get a live action movie thus far in One Piece.

As we know Dragon Ball Z is considered a god of anime and Attack on Titan exploded when it was first released, so it’s no surprise they have had movies already.

Also similar to Dragon Ball at the time, all of Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach and Naruto have either had their anime or manga finished recently, meaning film companies now know how it all ends.

As one of the major problems with the Attack on Titan live-action movie had, was that the series was so new and because there was no ending yet, they then had to make up the ending.

As we know One Piece isn’t finished yet as well, but with over 770 episodes, they have plenty of content to at least start making movies, considering thats a lot more than Naruto 707 with Shippuuden included, Dragon Ball 580 (including Dragon Ball, Z, GT and Super) and still going, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood having 64 episodes and Bleach having  366 episodes.

Plus we know there is a demand here, possibly even greater than Bleach Full Metal or Naruto, and this was evident earlier this year when a fake report was made with the story of a Chinese company buying the rights, and creating a live-action One Piece movie.

Later it was discovered that this was completely fake by the manga’s publishers, but it proved that there are a lot of people that want this to happen.

Personally I think One Piece will have a live-action movie, and how can it not? As its also considered apart of the “big three” Shonen Jump anime, along with Bleach and Naruto who are getting their own movies.

If the Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto and Bleach live-action films are all successful in 2017, then we should assume that a company will try and make a movie for One Piece as well.

The only problem is, that is if these movies are flops, then it may be some time before we see a live-action movie staring Monkey D. Luffy.

However, regardless of what happens next year, One Piece I’m sure will one day, get the movie it deserves.

Below is the preview for the game Burning Blood, but it does give fans a glimpse of what a live-action One Piece movie may look like.

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