What They Got Right & Wrong With Assassins Creed The Movie SPOILER ALERT!!!!

So the other day I watched the Assassins Creed movie and I did enjoyed it, but I still had some problems with it, so here’s what they got right, and wrong.
Now before you continue any further I am going to talk about pretty much all of the film so SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!

Until then hears a photo of me being a A.C. Weeb.


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Okay, so lest start off with some of the bad things they did, first off when Michael Fassbinder is in the animus it’s all in Spanish with subtitles, which doesn’t make sense because in the first game they translated nearly everything!!!! and in unity you play an Abstergo animus console (which is basically V.R.) and it’s set in early France, and yes there is french in it, but for the most part it’s translated until you get the the main story, when you play as Arno and are on a assassins server.

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Also another thing that bugged me was that they had only about  40 minutes in the actual animus, with Aguilar the assassin that Fassbinder is related to, which is filmed quite good, but I feel that there was no real connection made with him, and so I still felt more of a connection to Altair then him, and I’m talking about the 1st A.C. Altair!!!!
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Then there’s this scene were he meet’s his dad in the movie who he hates and leaves him with a hidden blade where the freaking guards can see it and the like meh… and leave it alone.

To which he then stabs one of them, later in the film.

[Guard 1] Hey you think we should take that knife of that guy?

[Guard 2] Na it’s good for them to have something to fiddle with, it distress them

1 day later….

[Guard 1] Arr F%#C he stabbed me you dick!!!!

[Guard 2} If only we could have foreseen this with are security cameras we have everywhere!!!!

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They also spent an incredible amount of time saying the Apple Of Eden, like every 5-7 minutes, in the movie, just incase you forget what they were looking for and even then they don’t explain what the hell it does very well, were if you play the game it dose make sense!!!!

Plus they made it out as if the ‘Apple’ was the only piece of eden which, we know its not and we also know the TEMPLARS ARE AWARE OF THAT. It was also mentioned that the templars never had possession of the ‘Apple’, which we know is wrong and in fact the ‘Apple’ has switched sides many times over the years.

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They also have like one assassination in the entire film!!!!

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And they don’t even do the “rest in piece” line or wipe the neck with a cloth or feathers, or even a freaking peace of paper, all they do is just stab the guy and then get the hell out of there.

But probably the most irritating part was one scene where a Templar announces that the city was under templar control, something that would never happen in the games as the Templar were a secret organisation.

Now this is one part that I kind of loved, and hated all at the same time, theres a scene were Fassbinder brakes the animus, which I pissed myself laughing at in the cinema for like 2 minutes,
this priceless machine that they have been working on for years, gets broken because he leaps of faiths so hard he brakes the machine,

Its funny, but come on that would literally never happen, considering how many leaps of faith all assassins do, does it break every time?

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Now onto the things I really liked about the film, one the action and the leap of faiths (of course the breaking of the animus as well…).

The setting look cool, and it’s really good if your a fan of the series, as its shows history like we see in the games when entering a new city or timeframe.

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Also i’m sure all fans noticed, Arno appearing briefly along, with a bunch of other ancestors at one point.

So there were a heap of small cameos and weapons from the games, like Jacobs and Evie’s sword Cain, Altiairs Sword and many more Easter eggs.

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So this film is really good for an assassins creed fan, for non-fans, your going to be in the Deadpool situation were you know jack shit, and call it a bad movie.

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So my advice is, to play though all the games before Empire comes out, and then watch this movie again.

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