What If Might Dai Was Reanimated?

As we know during the fourth great shinobi war there were multiple strong ninjas of the past brought back to the world of the living to fight.

I have always wondered why Might Dai was not one of them.

The Reanimation Jutsu was considered to be forbidden, it was created by Tobirama Senju (the second Hokage) around the time of the first great shinobi war, and later on, he would then be resurrected years afterward by that very technique.

Kabato reanimated many shinobi and later in the war, Orochimaru did the same, except both oddly enough left out many legendary ninjas of the past.

What If Might Dai Was Reanimated?
What If Might Dai Was Reanimated?

Sakumo Hatake, the father of Hatake Kakashi was another to be strangely overlooked, as was Jiraiya, one of the three legendary sannin.

Sakumo was known all around the world as the ‘white fang of the leaf’ and was said to be stronger than all the legendary sannin, while as for Jiraiya he was a spectacular shinobi and the strongest of the three sannin, even Itachi and Kisame fled when forced to face him.

But everyone has always spoken about them never being reanimated, so what I’m asking is why the only other known character to have ever opened all eight inner gates, Might Dai, was not reanimated as well.

Dai was known as the Eternal Genin, as he was a Genin for a ridiculous amount of years and was unable to reach the level of Chunnin.

What If Might Dai Was Reanimated?
What If Might Dai Was Reanimated?

However, Dai is also famous for killing four members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, a dangerous group hailed as being in a league well above regular Jounin.

Gai didn’t survive the battle, mainly because to open all eight inner gates requires the ultimate sacrifice, however, once they are opened, he gained strength and speed superior of a kage.

Gai did save the lives of his son Might Guy, as well as his teammates Ebisu and Genma Shiranui.

Later on, Guy (Dai’s son) mastered the technique as well and so almost defeating Uchiha Madara and forcing his way into the record books as one of the strongest shinobi’s of all time, Madara would go further and declare him the strongest at taijutsu.

What If Might Dai Was Reanimated?
What If Might Dai Was Reanimated?

Yes, Dai was nowhere near as strong as his son but still, to defeat four of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen on his own shows just how strong he was.

Plus if he was to be reanimated during the war, along with Sakumo and Jiraiya then the psychological advantage they would have over Guy, Kakashi and Naruto would have been incredible and so, may have change they outcome of the war.

Another advantage of the reanimation technique is that the ninjas brought back from the dead can regenerate continuously, so in theory, the eight inner gates wouldn’t be a one hit technique anymore, as after the user destroys his body, he would then just regenerate.

Maybe that’s why we never got to see Might Dai and the other two reanimated, they would have been simply too powerful, but I personally don’t like that answer.

What If Might Dai Was Reanimated?
What If Might Dai Was Reanimated?

Kabato could have simply not rated Dai or Sakumo, as Dai was considered incredibly weak without the eight inner gates and as for Sakumo, he was sadly disgraced before death.

Still,  Kabato could have just whipped their personalities as he did with some of the others and forced them to fight at full strength.

Sadly we never got to see the force the Might Dai would have brought to the table, especially as the eight inner gates could have just been used again and again, with consequences.

I believe if Might Dai was to be reanimated along with Jiraiya and Sakumo, maybe the war could have had a very different result and at the least, it would have had a lot more casualties.

What do you all think? Should we have seen Might Dai during the 4th great shinobi war? Please let us know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “What If Might Dai Was Reanimated?”

  1. for reanimation you need to have the dead bodies first … as for jiraya his body lies in the water surrounded with bone crushing pressure of water so obviously it cat be retrieved .. same could be said for dai and the other .. i.e no bodies no reanimation

      1. You also have to take note that when a user open the 8th final gate, his body will gradually turn to ash due to the extreme damage from opening the gates.

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