New Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime Series Will Premier In Japan In 2017

During this year’s Jump Festa it was announced that the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise will have sixth anime series.

Shueisha announced that there will be a new protagonist based off Kauki Takahashi’s manga.

The new character will be named Yusaku Fujiki, and it is set to air on TV Tokyo in February 2017.


The fifth and currently-ongoing series in the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise premiered in Japan in 2014, Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V, and has been successful enough to prompt another series.

The original series characters showed their old legendary ways as well, in Yu-Gi-Oh! : The Dark Side of Dimensions, with incredible success in 2016.

The movie will premier in English as well, in February and will screen in over 500 theatres in both Canada and the United States.

This sixth series will mark the 21st year since the animation franchise started back in 1996, with the new main character Yusaku reported to be a loner who hates standing out; until he starts to duel that is.

So Yu-Gi-Oh! fans get excited because not only is there a new series coming out, but our old favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! heroes return for a movie in English and it also means, there is most likely a whole set of new cards coming along with it.

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